Agnes at Science Rendezvous!

OFF-SITE: Slush Puppie Place, 1 The Tragically Hip Way, Kingston, ON
11 May 2024
10 am–3 pm

Canada’s largest one-day pop-up Science Discovery Centre

Science Rendezvous is a one-day festival where people and science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics meet to celebrate Canada’s research achievements. Kingstonians of all ages gather to learn from and along with the local scientists from Queen’s University, Kingston Health Sciences Centre, local museums, and community organizations

Agnes and Queen’s Art Conservation Program have a booth! Step into the world of conservators and museum pros as we unveil the cool scientific tools used to unlock the secrets of art — like how, when and where artwork was made and how to keep them safe for future generations!

Science Rendezvous is free and open to all! Check out the Science Rendezvous website for more information about the event and a list of the other groups that will be there.

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