Thursday Tour
Chris Curreri:
A Surrogate, A Proxy, A Stand-In

In-Person at Agnes
14 April 2022
12:15–1 pm (ET)

Free, lunch-hour tour

Agnes has canceled this program.

Gain a new perspective and understanding of current exhibition Chris Curreri: A Surrogate, A Proxy, A Stand-In. Join us for this free, in-person, lunch-hour tour led by our friendly Community Docents.

Chris Curreri is a Canadian artist working across film, photography and sculpture. His work lingers in liminal states, capturing processes and focusing in on the moments before identity is fixed or concepts come into light as fully intelligible, and thus taken as normative. His production is premised on the idea that things in the world are not defined by essential properties but constituted through messy exchanges with other things—all folded together in a fabric of relations that erode simple dichotomies of tenderness/violence, beauty/abjection, self/other. Curreri asks: To what extent do we open ourselves up to, or close ourselves off from, such possible penetrations? This exhibition is an allegory of these issues as if they have emerged between the closure of the aperture and the exposure of the photographic image.

The Community Docent training program is supported by the Iva Speers Fund for Art Education.

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