Art, Race and Protest in Three Acts

Tuesday 23 October 2018
6–8 pm

Aruna D’Souza and Merray Gerges in Conversation

Alongside Canadian Art editor Merray Gerges, art critic and activist Aruna D’Souza will discuss her recent book Whitewalling: Art, Race and Protest in Three Acts(2018) and the politics of art criticism. The conversation will be an opportunity for interdisciplinary dialogue about the intersections between art, arts institutions, technology and politics. D’Souza and Gerges will discuss how they address structural racism, diversity, and inclusion in their own practices and, in particular, how they have mobilized digital and social media platforms for criticism and scholarly debate. 
This program is organized by the Department of Art History and Art Conservation with support from the Principal’s Development Fund, Gender Studies, Agnes Etherington Art Centre and the Art History Graduate Student Association. 
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