Ah, Wilderness! Resort Architecture in the Thousand Islands
Dorothy Farr and Pierre de la Ruffinière Du Prey



Year: 2004
8.5 " x 10
ISBN: 0-88911-543-5
$29.95 softcover

The Thousand Islands of the St. Lawrence, one of the world’s truly majestic waterways, dot the great river for some on hundred kilometres. Since the mid-19th century, the region has attracted Canadian and American vacationers. A culture of resort architecture sprang up to cater to these summer residents, from grand hotels and extravagant mansions, to modest cottages and campgrounds. Ah, Wilderness! Resort Architecture in the Thousand Islands examines a wide selection of these spectacular retreats, their architects and owners, and the rich architectural and social histories they embody. This book opens a fascinating window onto the evolving face and shape of one of the most storied resort destinations in North America.

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