Better Worlds:
Activist and Utopian Projects by Artists
Jan Allen and Laura Marks



Year: 2002
7.25" x 9.5"
ISBN: 0-88911-912-0
$16.00 softcover

This exhibition of activist and utopian art examines the relationship between individual and collective wills as they navigate the shifting matrices of economy and state. In works ranging from concrete, action-oriented proposals to poetic critique, the artists seek to animate polity through representations that question or imaginatively re-configure assumed goals and power relationships. Better Worlds touches on: the politics of urban space and homelessness, alternatives in education, modes of dissent, the allure of corporate hegemony, class struggle and technological change, and globalization. The artists span generations and their manifold perspectives are echoed in references to the sweep of time, to failed ideologies and recurring expressions of utopia.

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