contemporary art in Kingston
Jan Allen (ed)



Year: 2003
8" x 10"
ISBN: 0-88911-912-0
$20.00 softcover

A healthy art gallery is many things to many people. At the Agnes Etherington art Centre, we value our diverse constituencies, and look to animate our relationships with them through lively and substantive programs. In this spirit, Connected: contemporary art in Kingston offers our visitors and readers of this catalogue, a fresh and provocative take on the Kingston scene. Experimental processes breed unexpected results. Connected, born from no preconceived curatorial assumptions, is grounded in the conviction that whether coherent, cacophonic, or somewhere in between, community voices are well worth the listen.

Featured artists: Tristan Adams, Pamela Allen, Simon Andrew, Bernard Clark, Shayne Dark, Trudi van der Elsen, Maggie Hogan, Don Maynard, Erika Olson, Milly Ristvedt, Bill Roff, Gabrielle Sims, Rebecca Soudant, Diane Southall, Cameron Wallace, Scott Wallis, Deborah Washington, J.T. Winik

Image Credits

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