Daniel Fowler, 1810–1894
Ralph Allen
Year: 1964
9" x 6"
ISBN: n/a
$0.00 softcover
Daniel Fowler was born in 1810, in the village of Down in Kent, five years before the battle of Waterloo. After his schooling, and in accord with his father's wishes, he began to study Law, but this appears to have been an ill-chosen pursuit for which he had no love, and after the death of his father it was soon abandoned. His mother, a woman of some wealth, settled upon him an income sufficient to indulge the ambition of his boyhood to become an artist. The exhibition of works was exhibited at Agnes Etherington Art Centre 11 October–8 November 1964. Exhibition Schedule JAN/FEB The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa MARCH London Public Library and Art Museum APRIL The Art Gallery of Hamilton JUNE Rodman Hall Arts Centre, St. Catherines
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