Jan Allen



Year: 1997
5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN: 0-88911-744-6
$5.00 softcover

Kingston is a town of edifices, both architectural in its imposing heritage buildings and institutional in its military, academic and penal organizations. Physical and social structures impose stability and reinforce traditions that bracket an ever shifting population of students, inmates and military personnel. The result is a city of complex rifts and eddies, in which time seems to move at varied rates. There is, too, the relationship between the city and the rural surround, where lakes, rocks, and farms lie in close proximity, and the population has been remarkably stable over the past century. Kingston’s edifices mark out the continuities against which the flux of daily life is measured. The artists selected for the exhibition Edifice all work in relation to structure and increments of change. They examine particulars of time and place to reveal the instability of perception and the tensions between structure and change. Although the formal character of the work varies widely, all are the product of steadfast investigation, in many cases leavened by dry, understated humour. The artists reside in Kingston and its immediate surroundings, and thus work under the influence of its edifices. Featuring the works of May Chan, Jocelyn Purdie, Dave Gordon, Maureen Sheridan, Bill Roff and Scott Wallis.

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