Expressions of Will:
The Art of Prudence Heyward
Natalie Luckyj
Year: 1986
8.25" x 11.5"
ISBN: 0-88911-402-1
$0.00 softcover
The decision to pursue an exhibition of work by Prudence Heyward grew from a discovery of the high regard in which her contemporaries held her work, and the strength of the Heyward paintings selected for the London Regional Art Gallery's exhibition Visions and Victories: 10 Canadian Women Artists 1914–1945, in 1983. Prudence's oeuvre spans those critically important decades between the wars when Canada came of age as a nation. The exhibition schedule: Agnes Etherington Art Centre 1 March–27 April 1986; Concordia University Art Gallery 4 June–5 July 1986; The McMichael Canadian Collection, Kleinburg 31 August–16 November 1986; Mendel Art Gallery 9 January–15 February 1987.
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