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Fertile ground:
Pam Hall, Ginette Legare, Elizabeth MacKenzie, Leslie Reid, Karen Spencer, Jin-me Yoon
Jan Allen



Year: 1996
24 pp, 8" x 10"
ISBN: 0-88911-736-5
$7.50 softcover

Following on the heels of The Female Imaginary (1994) and Rx: Taking Our Medicine (1995), Fertile Ground is the last in a series of group exhibitions organized by the Agnes Etherington Art Centre to address topical issues relating to the mutual inscription of the body and society. The artists – Pam Hall, Ginette Legare, Elizabeth MacKenzie, Leslie Reid, Karen Spencer and Jin-me Yoon – have contributed immeasurably, not only in terms of their work, but in the conceptual richness of the brew that is the group exhibition. In giving cultural expression to deeply felt personal experience of feminine fertility, they are pioneers – they risk dismissal in broaching the realm of maternity, wrapped as it is in denial within a culture that discourages its representation outside narrowly defined stereotypes.

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