George Heriot:
Painter of the Canadas
Gerald Finley



Year: 1978
[9] leaves, 8.25" x 11.25"
ISBN: 0-88911-008-5
$20.00 softcover

The scope of the exhibition George Heriot: Painter of the Canadas is much broader than the title suggests, exploring as it does, in visual terms, the whole life and work of a man whose contribution to the art of painting in watercolour in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries has not been appreciated before. Heriot was essentially a topographical landscape painter who possessed a marvellous sense of nature’s particularity. In his maturity he was able to capture with astonishing swiftness and remarkable ease the essence of a landscape portrait. Yet, in his encounters with landscape, the ‘facts’ of nature seldom obtrude; they serve only to stimulate. Sustain and extend a vision. It is the blending of factual and visionary experience that characterizes the best of Heriot’s art and reveals to us with greatest acuity, the sensitivity and depth of his inner self.

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