Godless at the Workbench:
Soviet Illustrated Humoristic Antireligious Propaganda
Annie Gerin



Year: 2003
169 pp, 6.75" x 9"
ISBN: 1-894882-09-1
$20.00 hardcover

In Annie Gérin's text Godless at the Workbench she chronicles a collaboration between artists and the state in a struggle to destroy all hierarchies, most specifically that of religion in post-revolutionary Russia. This is developed through the examination and exhibition of anti-religious journals, posters, toys, games and documentation of related activities. It is at that particular place and time that we can most readily witness the collective efforts of the state and artists in a purpose of social, political, and cultural reform.

Catalogue of a travelling exhibition, held at Dunlop Art Gallery, from 17 January– 7 March 2004 and at Agnes Etherington Art Centre, from 30 January 30–17 April 2005.

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