Inuit Art in the 1970s
Robert Swain and Marie Routledge

Sold Out!

Sold Out!

Year: 1979
104 p., col. Ill., 8.5" x 10.5"
ISBN: 0-88911-010-7
$6.00 softcover

Through preparation and the creation of this exhibition, the numerous discussions with Inuit artists has conclusded that the review of some of the major works of the 1970s suggest that the judgements are not altogether correct in their assessment of current trends. The commonly held perceptions have coloured the views of the art of the time too. With that, the exhibition Inuit Art in the 1970’s represents the Agnes Etherington Art Centre’s first exploration in this area of Canadian culture, with a focus on the changes and stabilities of Inuit Art in the 1970s.

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