Milly Ristvedt-Handerek
Robert Swain

Sold Out!

Sold Out!

Year: 1979
28 pp, 9" x 12.25"
ISBN: 0-88911-013-1
$2.00 softcover

A regional art gallery has, among its responsibilities, that of providing exposure and interpretation of the work of artists in its locale. The present exhibition is a manifestation of that responsibility. It is with a great deal of pleasure that we are able to offer this survey of the work of Milly Ristvedt-Handerek. We hope our exhibition will demonstrate the richness and strength of her artistic personality, her maturation as an artist dealing with modernist concerns from a personal and vitally involved point of view. The idea of a solo exhibition seems to be losing credence as a vehicle for exposure. To us this is a great loss since it is only through such exhibitions can one come to terms with an artistic personality in all its complexities.

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