Permanent Collection 1968
Ralph Allen, Frances K. Smith



Year: 1968
1 v. (200 p. unpaged): ill. (some col.), 9.25" 10.75"
ISBN: n/a
$9.00 softcover

This is the first comprehensive recording of the holdings of a small gallery in Canada. There are a number of such galleries whose holdings together form a significant part of our national resources in the arts. It is to be hoped that catalogues of other such collections will appear in due course so that the significant body of works in small galleries across Canada will be more easily accessible to scholars and students, indeed to all who cherish the arts, here and elsewhere. No monument, no matter on what scale, simply appears. It is created by individuals and would not exist without them. They are always few, but they have one thing in common, a selfless and unusual intensity of love for the work that they do. The Agnes Etherington Art Centre stands as a tribute to them and it is to them that the catalogue is respectfully dedicated.

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