Rise and Fall:
Jan Allen, Wayne Baerwaldt and Nancy Campbell



Year: 1996
44 p. : 20 ill. (16 col.) ; 8.25" x 10.5"
ISBN: 0-88911-706-3
$15.00 softcover

This collaborative publication brings together the work of two artists and three curators. The convergence of curatorial interest on the work of Canadian artists Laurie Walker and John Dickson attests to the compelling rigour of their art and the fact that in many ways it eloquently captures the tenor of the times. In-tandem consideration of the work of these two artists allows assessment of their work and by inference, of the concerns of an emerging generation of artists. Jan Allen discusses the theoretical intersection of the two bodies of work and the relevance of the motif of cyclicality to this cultural moment. Nancy Campbell examines change as both metaphor and methodology in Laurie Walker’s recent work, while Wayne Baerwaldt’s essay focuses on the recoding of spectacle in John Dickson’s art as it is achieved through an arch blend of performative movement and active difference.

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