RX Taking our Medicine
Jan Allen



Year: 1995
47 pp, 7" x 9.5"
ISBN: 0-88911-698-9
$8.00 softcover

Art has always sought to articulate human experience. But human experience is far from static, and new situations elicit different interpretations. The exhibition RX: Taking Our Medicine crosses boundaries and explores territories not normally associated with the visual arts. Through the work in many media of seven emerging and mid-career artists, the exhibition seeks to interpret the experience of patients in our contemporary health care system. Medicine today is of course a cast and very complicated subject. Yearly it costs enormous sums of money, and sooner or later it involves us all. The artists in this exhibition express concern about medicine and health care, but they have not been selected because they subscribe to a similar set of beliefs or because their response to the subject is one and the same. Through their art they have explored the contemporary conditions of diagnosis and treatment, and have sought to communicate the patient’s experience – not so much as their hope for the efficacy of the regimen, but their fear, isolation, and alienation. Inevitably those works are also meditations on mortality; as such, they are related to much art throughout the ages.

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