Sorel Cohen
Robert Swain



Year: 1981
8 pp, ill., 7.5" x 12"
ISBN: n/a
$3.00 pamphlet

Sorel Cohen is a Montreal artist who has painted, made videotapes and takes photographs, using photography as the best expression of her artistic ideas. Her subject matter reflects her concerns as a woman, mother and artist, with full understanding of these classifications as descriptors of socio-political importance in feminist rhetoric. In 1970’s and 80’s, the reconciliation of the archetypes of a woman, mother and artist, are articulated and rationalized to gain a perspective on Cohen’s artistic productions and it’s roots. While feminist issues are certainly implied, the works are not to be classified as polemics. The development in her usage of the medium and the serial format, the painterly concerns in all her work, are integrated in a unique combination that declares a singular talent.

Exhibition dates: 6 March–5 April 1981

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