Telling Images
David McTavish



Year: 1988
9.5" x 12.5"
ISBN: 0-88911-499-4
$20.00 softcover

It was a curious accident of history that found Alfred Bader enrolling in November 1941 at Queen’s University. It is from that accident that the Art Centre at Queen’s has benefited from the gifts of old master paintings that Alfred and his wife Isabel have presented. Alfred, as a valued and loving alumnus and former Trustee, has seen a great deal of change in his alma mater, both in his chosen discipline of chemistry and his avocation, art. At Queen’s we have a unique situation, with the combination of an art history and studio programme, alongside the country’s only master’s programme in art conservation, replete with a significant art museum. Alfred and Isabel Bader wish to see this uniqueness fostered and encouraged, and they have been doing their best for many years to assist not only in the gifting of pictures but morally and financially as well. It is a trust we at the Art Centre honor. The exhibition is drawn upon those gifts, thirty-six paintings drawn from almost 100 in the collection now.

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