Tom Thomson? The Art of Authentication
Alicia Boutilier, Tobi Bruce, Marie-Claude Corbeil, Angie Littlefield, Joan Murray



Year: 2021
112 pp, 7.5" x 10.4"
ISBN: 978-1-55339-632-1
$25.00 hardcover

The publication Tom Thomson? The Art of Authentication extends key themes in the exhibition, with essays from Alicia Boutilier, Tobi Bruce, Marie-Claude Corbeil, Angie Littlefield and Joan Murray that explore the authentication process. The process can be conclusive or elusive, because authentication is a complex and interdependent practice that both frustrates and fascinates.

Editor: Meg Taylor
Copy Editors: Meg Taylor and Ruth Gaskill
Translator: Nathalie de Blois
Designer: Vincent Perez

The exhibition Tom Thomson? The Art of Authentication, is curated by Alicia Boutilier and Tobi Bruce, and organized by Agnes Etherington Art Centre and Art Gallery of Hamilton, in partnership with Canadian Conservation Institute.

Download the essays that were published in conjunction with the exhibition, and as part of the publication.

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