Funding Announcement

2 November 2018

The Ontario Arts Council (OAC) awarded Agnes $149,860 for the third and final year of the multi-year Public Art Galleries – Operating Grant. This 10.5% increase over last year’s allocation reflects the OAC’s funding principles and Agnes’s peer assessment.

“I’m grateful for the visionary public funding that will support our artistic programs through 2018-2019, and also proud of the excellent staff efforts and imaginative teamwork that have made this success possible,” says Jan Allen, Director. “In addition, our Advisory Board members play a vital role in sustaining our creative momentum. Their ideas and encouragement, and probing questions, continue to make us better.”

The program’s priorities are to support diverse public art galleries that demonstrate a commitment to Ontario’s visual arts infrastructure, including exhibition, presentation, production, distribution, artist development, and opportunities created for the public to interact with contemporary visual art.

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