Integrate Agnes’s collections and programs into your curriculum!

25 June 2023

Call for faculty!

Agnes hosts two workshops in July and August 2023 for all faculty interested in integrating Agnes’s programs and activities into their syllabi this summer and fall. This initiative is a collaboration between Agnes and the Centre for Teaching and Learning. It is facilitated by Nasrin Himada, Agnes’s Associate Curator, Academic Outreach and Community Engagement, and Yasmine Djerbal, Associate Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning.

The workshops cover new practices and approaches to showcasing Agnes’s collection through:

+ an online database and other digital platforms;

+ a guide to constructing ethical frameworks and relations with the collection through pedagogical tools;
+ exchanging of ideas for integrating assignments;

+ and incorporating Agnes’s exhibitions, programs, events and workshops into your curriculum.

The workshops feature guest speakers Sebastian De Line, Associate Curator, Care and Relations; Qanita Lilla, Associate Curator, Arts of Africa; Suzanne van de Meerendonk, Bader Curator of European Art; and Danuta Sierhuis, Digital Development Coordinator.

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