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Inuvialuit Artist, Gut-Skin Raincoat (detail), collected in 1924, whale intestine, black thread, crested auklet feathers, auklet beaks. Manitoba Museum, Winnipeg. HBC Museum Collection (HBC 1728). Photo: Tanya Lukin Linklater
The Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts
15–20 March 2019

Tanya Lukin Linklater invites visitors to The Isabel to witness a series of open rehearsals and a performance with dancers Ceinwen Gobert and Danah Rosales, accompanied by Laura Ortman on electric violin. The score for this performance is as the title suggests: a rain gut parka made and worn near the Mackenzie Delta, Northwest Territories, collected by the Hudson’s Bay Company and on loan from the Manitoba Museum, on view at the Agnes as part of Soundings.

We encourage visitors to please respect the artist and performers with your quiet presence. This is a series of free, drop-in rehearsal viewings.

16–17 March, 10am–4pm, Rehearsal Hall
18 March, 10am–4pm, Foyer
19 March, 10am–3pm, Rehearsal Hall
19 March, 3–4pm, Foyer
20 March, 10am–2pm, Rehearsal Hall
20 March, 2–4pm, Foyer
21 March, 10am–4pm, Foyer