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Vanessa Dion Fletcher, (How To) Own Your Cervix, 2016, paper multiple. Collection of the artist
André Biéler Studio
Tuesday 15 October 2019
1–4 pm

Combining feminism, queer theory, perspectives on biology and menstrual art, history of the speculum and reproductive justice, artist Vanessa Dion Fletcher shares her inspirations and artistic process while encouraging participants to dive deeply into writing, personal narrative, drawing and craft. This program is free and open to all. Sign up below to save your spot.

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Vanessa Dion Fletcher is an artist-in-residence this fall in conjunction with Let’s Talk About Sex, bb. Inside Voices, the residency project, locates this Potawatomi and Lenape Two-Spirit artist’s work in relation to wider conversations about language, fluency and understanding centered in the body. The artist residency is hosted in collaboration with Dr Karen Lawford of Queen’s Gender Studies: Vanessa Dion Fletcher is the 2019 Queen’s Arts Fund Visiting Artist-in-Residence.

The exhibition and residency has been made possible in part by the George Taylor Richardson Memorial Fund, Queen’s University.