Humour Me
12 June–10 October 2021
Grey Gallery
Curated by Dr Maxime Valsamas, Curatorial Assistant, European Art

Caricature is a powerful art form that uses exaggeration and humour to convey social and political meaning. The exaggeration of facial and bodily features combined with the juxtaposition of opposites enable caricaturists to vividly express ideas and to characterize their subjects in amusing ways. Humour Me traces the development of caricature across several cultures and centuries to explore some of the main conventions that define this artistic genre. The exhibition highlights works by several of the greatest practitioners of this form of art, including William Hogarth, Thomas Rowlandson, Honoré Daumier, and Elmer Boyd Smith. Bringing together a selection of engaging caricatures, this show features many artworks that have never been exhibited at the Agnes before.

Image: Elmer Boyd Smith, Les Rois en incognito, probably 1890s, ink, pencil, paper. Purchase, Consolidated Fund, 1976 (19-067)
Image Credits

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