Residencies and Fellowships

Agnes creates and supports residencies and fellowships for artists and researchers.

Artist residencies offer an opportunity for new and vital artistic creation, research and engagement. Research residencies deepen our research capacity, aligning with the research environment at Queen’s University, responding to our immediate civic context and advancing the field at large.

Isabel Bader Fellowship and Graduate Internship in Textile Conservation and Research

The Isabel Bader Fellowship in Textile Conservation and Research is an exciting research opportunity at Queen’s University, promoting investigation and research in the areas of textile conservation and costume history. Through the generous support of Dr Isabel Bader, the fellowship links two of the University’s unique resources: the Queen’s University Collection of Canadian Dress, which comprises over 2500 articles of fashion from the late 1700s to the 1970s, and the Master of Art Conservation Program, Canada’s only graduate degree in conservation theory and treatment.

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