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Living Intuition:
A Residency of Practice & Process
28 September–1 October 2023

Living Intuition: A Residency of Practice & Process includes participants: Faisal Karadsheh, Sarah Jihae Kaye, Jung-Ah Kim, Yaniya Lee, Anjalee Nadarajan and Elizabeth Peprah-Asare.

Co-curated by Nasrin Himada, Associate Curator of Academic Outreach and Community Engagement, and Fan Wu, PhD Candidate in Screen Cultures and Curatorial Studies, Queen’s University.

Living Intuition consists of workshops conducted by each student/artist that emphasize the foregrounding of intuition as a creative engine through a variety of artistic mediums, including writing exercises, listening sessions, movement practices, weaving techniques, collective sculpture building, storytelling and gathering practices, reading poetry aloud and lots of rest in between.

Movement Practice: Fan Wu, Sarah Jihae Kaye and Faisal Karadsheh.

Living Intuition: fashioning work from Sarah Jihae Kaye’s group performance workshop of soft sculpture-making with nylon stockings.

Lee’s workshops offer ways of creating reflective daily routines of writing in the mornings and evenings, after Wu’s Butoh movement exercises, including “seed of a new species.” Nadarajan leads us through constraint-based poetry: how can literary methods maneuver us through the space of writing? Karadsheh uses trash in conjunction with the Agnes house itself to comment on scarcity and to condition a practice of gathering materials, repurposing them and working within the constraints of what’s available. Adhesion, joining, cutting, and other modes of material relationality are explored in this practice of collective sculpture crafting and performance. Kim takes participants through a 3-hour workshop on traditional and contemporary modes of weaving as they also connect to her interest in digitization, film, and video. Kaye leads a group performance workshop of soft sculpture-making with nylon stockings, glass beads, traditional foods and other materials that artists bring from their home. Peprah-Asare constructs a mapping, envisioning of “soul work,” and how the architecture of collective ethics is generated through listening as an act of resistance.

Supported by the George Taylor Richardson Memorial Fund, Queen’s University.
Hero image: Top, left to right: Nasrin Himada and Fan Wu
Bottom, left to right: Elizabeth Peprah-Asare, Jung-Ah Kim, Faisal Karadsheh, Sarah Jihae Kaye, Yaniya Lee and Anjalee Nadarajan

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Living Intuition travels the range from meditation sounds to soul nostalgia to karaoke jams. We celebrate our capacity to be affected as what unifies our experience into one variegated totality.

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