Kitchen Table Conversations:
Truth & Reconciliation with BIPOC Educators

25 September 2023
3–5 pm

This is the third in our faculty workshop series.

Please note that this is a BIPOC-only space.

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As we approach National Day for Truth and Reconciliation let us take this opportunity to reflect on our individual and collective responsibilities to fulfill the TRC’s recommendations as educators and to support the struggle for Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination. In this event dedicated to Black, Indigenous, and educators of colour, we want to create space for conversations and shared reflections on Indigenous and BPOC solidarities, struggles, and futurities. The kitchen table here acts like, in the words of Juliane Okot Bitek, “the kitchen we grew up in, the heart of the house, the place where all nutrition comes from, both food & story” (2022, 265). It is a space for conversation, and of nourishment of the body and the soul.

Facilitators include Nasrin Himada (Associate Curator of Academic Outreach and Community Engagement, Agnes Etherington Art Centre), Misty Underwood (Program Coordinator, Queen’s Indigenous Pathways), Yasmine Djerbal (Associate Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning).

Quote is from: “States of Being: The Poet & Scholar as a Black, African, & Diasporic Woman”, in Nuances of blackness in the Canadian academy: Teaching, learning, and researching while Black (2022)
In partnership with Centre for Teaching and Learning and Office for Indigenous Initiatives.

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