Canadian Art in Isolation with Tatum Dooley and Margaux Smith

In-Person and Online
17 March 2022
6:30–7:30 pm

Artist Talk

When lockdowns were first introduced in March 2020, Toronto-based duo artist Margaux Smith and writer Tatum Dooley initiated the Canadian Art in Isolation project, which donates artwork to seniors living in publicly funded long-term care residences. As part of a residency at Agnes, Margaux and Tatum deliver a public talk that reflects on the project’s impact and outcomes and considers the potentiality of art as care in relation to systemic loneliness. The talk is accompanied by two workshops that connect the art-making public to Kingstonians affected by isolation using a reciprocal ‘prompt and response’ method. This program is connected to the exhibition Studies in Solitude: The Art of Depicting Seclusion on view through 26 June 2022.

Generously supported by the George Taylor Richardson Memorial Fund.

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