Deep Looking:

Tuesday 22 June 2021
12:15–1 pm (ET)

Featuring Superradiance

22 June             Superradiance

20 July              With Opened Mouths

17 August    Lii Zoot Tayr (Other Worlds)

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Slow down! Deeply observe works of art in Superradiance. Guided by artist Andy Berg, this contemplation practice allows for relaxation and new insights. Part of Agnes’s Wellness Program. Sign up to save your spot. We will send you the link to connect to this online program via Zoom.

Andy Berg is a Settler whose practice acknowledges the life, history and culture of the land now known as Kingston. Berg cites the influence on her work of numerous enriching encounters, such as teaching arts and crafts at the former prison for women, serving as a community member for the Ontario Provincial Board of Parole, Eastern Region, returning to higher education later in life to complete her BFA at Queen’s University in 2008, working as the Unitarian Community Lay Chaplain, officiating for diverse rites of passage, including some of the first legal same-sex marriages in Kingston, and many more. These encounters assist her with working through the domains of artistic walking, feminism, ecology, Truth and Reconciliation, as well as holistic, often disputed therapeutic disciplines.

This program is made possible through the generous support of the George H Stedman Estate Foundation.

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