Everything Sounds like Crying Eventually:
a karaoke party

In-Person at Agnes
11 January 2024
6–9 pm

All are welcome.

For its inaugural event, Wee Bit Off Centre is hosting a karaoke party. Gather in Etherington House for an evening of amateur performance and public feelings. Rehearse your love, declare your failures and cradle your heartbreak.

At queer karaoke hosted by Bar Notre-Dame-des-Quilles, Tear Jerkers saw a crowd erupt in sync to the bridge of Shallow, a guttural full-throating “ahhh, ha-ah-ahhh, ah ah, ahh ahh ahhhhh” in the style of Gaga. They witnessed karaoke’s possibilities for social promiscuity, collective intimacy and shared embarrassment. And on the horizon, the potential to bring together a public of friends, lovers and strangers.

This event is free and all are welcome.

Tear Jerkers is a collaboration between Michelle Bunton and GHY Cheung. Since 2019, their projects have examined art institutional practices through the critical lens of hospitality, as well as the relationship between queer aesthetics and the formation of counter-publics.

Curated by Nasrin Himada, Associate Curator, Academic Outreach and Community Engagement

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