Re rejection

18 January 2024
6–8:30 pm

All are welcome.

Re rejection is a workshop for thinking what we want from rejections. Participants bring their professional and romantic-or-otherwise-interpersonal rejections to the workshop, where we collectively “annotate” them. This might mean adding or redacting text, collaging and assembling, supplementing notes for how the rejections can be read. In this exercise, we think about how rejection can be more than a percussive “no,” and what tones, tempos, dynamics and content we wish were also possible. What shifts if we think of all rejections as performances?

Participants can choose to perform or have their annotated rejection performed at future Wee Bit Off Centre programs.

This workshop is free but registration is required and space is limited. Each participant is asked to bring a physical copy of a rejection they are open to sharing, or to send a digital copy of a rejection prior to the workshop. Please reach out to tearjerkersss@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Tear Jerkers is a collaboration between Michelle Bunton and GHY Cheung. Since 2019, their projects have examined art institutional practices through the critical lens of hospitality, as well as the relationship between queer aesthetics and the formation of counter-publics.

Curated by Nasrin Himada, Associate Curator, Academic Outreach and Community Engagement

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