Four more co-directors of Wee Bit Off Centre announced!

16 January 2024

We are happy to announce four more co-directors of Wee Bit Off Centre: Em Harmsen, Faten Nastas Mitwasi, Mehvish Rather and William Carroll.

Taking up residence across Etherington House and other off-site locations from 1 January to 31 March 2024, Wee Bit Off Centre is an embryonic art centre and a gathering place for its own imagining initiated by Tear Jerkers.

Tear Jerkers is a collaboration between Michelle Bunton and GHY Cheung. Since 2019, their projects have examined art institutional practices through the critical lens of hospitality, as well as the relationship between queer aesthetics and the formation of counter-publics.

Curated by Nasrin Himada, Associate Curator, Academic Outreach and Community Engagement


William Carroll is a self-taught interdisciplinary artist with a focus on experimental photography and sculpture created using alternative materials, currently based out of Kingston, ON. William is a non-binary person living on the autism spectrum and sees their disability as the unique gift that it is, striving to present their distinct visual perspective while endeavouring to advocate for the value of diversity in all its forms and accessibility in the arts for all. Currently, finding fascination in decay, William is working on a number of series around the idea that mould is beautiful and the different ways that decay can shape our perspective.

Em Harmsen has a deep love of design in all forms, she has a keen eye for detail and stays well informed about contemporary style, art, and fashion. She has a background in fashion design from Toronto Metropolitan University and focused her MA graduate degree research on inclusive/accessible design at Queen’s University. Currently, Em is continuing her studies surrounding user centred design through a PhD with the Cultural Studies department. She is also focused on growing her design studio (emske.ca), where she creates inherently adaptive, style forward pieces that are mindful of ethical and environmental practices.

Faten Nastas Mitwasi is a Palestinian artist and curator who is currently PhD student in Screen Cultures and Curatorial Studies at Queen’s University. As an activist and conceptual artist, Faten seeks to contribute to the appreciation of various cultures and acceptance of others in her own community and around the world. Faten is concerned with the documentation, historiography, and presentation of Palestinian art. She conducted various research in the field and wrote several articles, and has published three books. As well, she was the curator of several exhibitions and art projects, including the Palestinian Collection for “Imago Mundi” project, commissioned by Luciano Benetton Foundation. In Palestine, she was a key person in establishing Dar al-Kalima University, where she was the Dean of the College of Fine Arts until August 2023. www.fatennastas.com.

Mehvish Rather is pursuing research in the field of documentary filmmaking. Being a documentary filmmaker herself, with her films being showcased in different film festivals across the globe, she continues to question the methodology and ethics in her field. Her particular interest concerns with the representation of subjects in documentaries based in protracted political conflict zones, trying to envision them beyond the scope of victimhood. She questions the patterns of absences within such documentaries, such as that of humour and transcendentality. Currently her work is focusing on the impact of digital surveillance on communication channels at interpersonal and community levels – and the viability of old media technology and guerilla pedagogy in circumventing the issues.

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