Tea ceremony: a mime

Thursday 19 July
1:15-1:45 pm

Performance and artist talk back

Within the current contemporary exhibition Weave, visual artist Yam Lau and performance artist Noriko Yamamoto will present a special mime interpretation of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. The performance will take place within Lau’s translucent architectural pavilion that is built according to the specific dimension of the traditional Japanese tea pavilion. The mime version of the tea ceremony minimizes the entire ritual process of the real ceremony into a series of empty, purely indexical gestures. This quality of proxy articulation corresponds to the virtual character of Lau’s pavilion that is conceived as a 1:1 scale architectural model. It is a structure that is both physical and virtual, one that is not yet fully incarnated in the world. This performance is free and open to all.


Yam Lau is an artist and writer based in Toronto. He teaches at York University.
Noriko Yamamoto is a visual and performance artist based in Toronto. Movement, texture, and humour are constant themes in Noriko’s visual art and performance work as a dancer, choreographer, clown, mime, and Silent Storyteller.

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