12 Art Exhibitions to Discover in Canada this Summer

22 June 2023

Agnes’s exhibition Emergence: A Recent Gift of Indigenous Art is included in TRAVELMAG’s 12 Art Exhibitions to see this summer. Read about them all!

“Across the length and breadth of Canada are a huge number of museums and cultural venues that will be hosting a diverse programme of exhibitions throughout summer.”

Emergence: A Recent Gift of Indigenous Art

This exhibition highlights important early and mid-career works of art by contemporary Indigenous artists from across Turtle Island, North and South. As a collection, thee works serve to provide a cohesive vision of the approaches and concerns of artists working in the 1970s – a period during which both emerging and elder artists experimented with various media, in drawings, paintings, prints, sculpture, and textiles. During that formative decade, chosen materials and techniques resulted in art forms championed through established community centres, craft guilds, and art galleries. These artists shaped new artistic markets and became influential advocates and innovators in the field of contemporary and Indigenous art, forging paths for future generations of artists.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queens University, Kingston / 1 July – 12 November 2023

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