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Rembrandt van Rijn, Head of an Old Man in a Cap, around 1630, oil on panel. Gift of Alfred and Isabel Bader, 2003 (46-031)
Leiden circa 1630: Rembrandt Emerges
24 August–1 December 2019
Bader Gallery


Thursday 19 September 2019
Members’ Preview: 5–6 pm
Public Reception: 6–7:30 pm

Curated by Dr Jacquelyn N. Coutré, Bader Curator and Researcher of European Art

In commemoration of the 350th anniversary of the death of Rembrandt van Rijn, Agnes presents Leiden circa 1630: Rembrandt Emerges. The early years of Rembrandt van Rijn’s career have been recognized as ones of daring experimentation, experimentation that culminated in a signature pictorial vocabulary around 1630. After years of refining his skill, his work around this time displays the powerful chiaroscuro, gestural lucidity, and rigorous evocation of materiality that predict his finest achievements in his later Amsterdam period. Contextualized by work from his colleagues and students, Rembrandt emerges as a defining figure of the Leiden market.

This exhibition draws upon the strengths of The Bader Collection, such as Rembrandt’s Head of an Old Man in a Cap and Jan Lievensz.’s Head of an Old Woman in Profile, and the rich collections of Dutch art across Canada to present a focused view of the trademark subjects and styles that made the artist’s reputation. It celebrates the artistic import, savvy self-promotion and stylistic identity that Rembrandt cultivated and modelled to those in his circle.

The exhibition is accompanied by a fully-illustrated catalogue in English and French. An in-gallery and online interactive map of Rembrandt’s Leiden and a short documentary about contemporary Leiden animate the city’s history as part of this exhibition.

Jan Georg van Vliet after Rembrandt van Rijn, The Baptism of the Eunuch, 1631, etching and engraving on paper. Purchased with the support of Frances K. Smith, 2003 (46-001)

Jan Lievensz., Profile Head of an Old Woman (“Rembrandt’s Mother”), around 1630, oil on panel. Gift of Alfred and Isabel Bader, 2005 (48-001)

The National Tour

Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton AB (7 March–27 September 2020)

The catalogue and the exhibition tour are supported by grants from the Isabel and Alfred Bader Fund of Bader Philanthropies and the Government of Canada.

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