Thursday Tour:

In-Person at Agnes
Thursday 7 October 2021
12:15–1 pm

A free docent-led tour

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This is an in-person event.

9 September Humour Me
7 October Superradiance
10 March Studies in Solitude
17 March History Is Rarely Black or White

Gain a new perspective and understanding of current exhibition Superradiance. Join us for this free, in-person, lunch-hour tour led by our friendly Community Docents.

An outgrowth of the Dark Matter Playgroup micro-residency, Superradiance is a group exhibition featuring new work by Andy Berg, GHY Cheung, Bicky Marquez, Chrissy Poitras, Noah Scheinman and Kyle Topping. Dark Matter Playgroup is a nomadic mentorship-based program supporting adaptive forms of collectivity and art making under the conditions of a global pandemic. Affiliated with Drift: Art and Dark Matter, the micro-residency takes up a conceptual notion of dark matter as an invisible and undetectable “mattering” that might pull together Playgroup participants. Superradiance is a refraction of this group’s shared trajectory and combined efforts named after a phenomenon of collectivity and the assemblage of moving energies in coherent excitation.

The Community Docent training program is supported by the Iva Speers Fund for Art Education.

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