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Supporting collaborative and interdisciplinary exchange and experimentation in digital arts programming, including commissions, exhibitions, publications, podcasts, children’s programs, and more.    

Installation view of Transformations.
A phone looks at augmented reality artworks by Dallas Flett-Wapash.

Dallas Flett-Wapash, AR Triptych, Panel 1 | “Ahsiwahoochikan, Wapan (Norway House: Pulled by the Ferry, at Dawn),” Digital Augmented Reality Print, 2020.

In a historical house, Winsom Winsom is wearing a red dress and sits on a bench while contemplating her painting displayed on an easel.

In a historical house, Winsom Winsom sits and contemplates her painting.

A procession of people walking past a building with a veranda.

Vulindlela: Out the Gates Procession, July 2023. pc Shelby Lisk

Digitizing the collection in the Contemporary Feature Gallery. Photo: Tim Forbes

Digitizing the collection in the Contemporary Feature Gallery. Photo: Tim Forbes

Dare de LaFemme, Rowena Whey and Tyffanie Morgan are all smiling and posing wearing their interpretations of historical garments.

Dare de LaFemme, Rowena Whey and Tyffanie Morgan wear their garments as part of the re-patterning project Patterns for All Bodies

At the Vibrating Edges

We have been thinking about our programming as interconnected lines of inquiry, learning how exhibitions and programs—not just artworks—can be curated into reciprocal conversation. It is in-between these exhibitions and programs—at their vibrating edges—where new connections are ignited across Agnes’s collections and commissions.

Re-patterning garments from the Dress Collection at Agnes so that any body can make the clothes, or have the clothes made, for their own body. Local drag artists show us how it can be done.

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Reflecting on the Collection

Bringing collections, artists and communities together. From collection highlights to asynchronous children’s programs and more, find interdisciplinary perspectives and activities that reflect on themes inspired by Agnes’s collection.

Winsom Winsom’s work exists at the confluence of spirituality and creativity. Watch the award-winning film that traces Winsom’s journey as a multidisciplinary artist, mentor and spiritualist.


AGNES Learns is a digital resource for children and families. Artworks from the Agnes collection inspire fun ways to explore, understand and get creative.  Enjoy the short videos and accompanying lesson plans.

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New on Spotify

Enjoy selected playlists with music inspired by Agnes’s rich programming.

Living Intuition

Living Intuition

Inspired by the recent micro-residency, Living Intuition travels the range from meditation sounds to soul nostalgia to karaoke jams. We celebrate our capacity to be affected as what unifies our experience into one variegated totality.

Vulindlela: Out the Gates Procession

Vulindlela: Out the Gates Procession

The Vulindlela procession honoured the Lang Collection of African Art through music, poetry and dance. Here we celebrate the richness of contemporary African music, from Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. The tracks emphasize migration or movement, overcoming difficulty and celebrating life.

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