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John Hartman, Apotheosis of Gilbert D, 1991, drypoint on paper, 2nd state. Gift of David Clare, 2017 (60-016.23)
Face of the Sky
Historical Feature and Samuel J. Zacks Gallery
11 January–9 August 2020

Face of the Sky turns its gaze upwards, tracking a longstanding artistic fascination. In feature works from the Agnes contemporary and historical collections, skies swarm with figures, depicting spiritual epiphanies and embedded histories that seem to both belong to the land and carry transcendent potential. Taking inspiration from artist John Hartman’s drypoint landscapes, the exhibition combines Inuit printmaking, Italian Renaissance angels, Canadian mystical landscapes, modernist sculpture and contemporary mediations.

Featured artists include Thomas Carl Burrows, Emily Carr, Dave Gordon, Lawren S. Harris, John Hartman, Kathleen Munn, Natsivaar, Christiane Pflug, Mary Pitseolak, Levi Alasua Pirti Smith and Angotigalu Teevee.

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